How To Get Sleep Early ?

Strategies to promote better sleep in these uncertain times - Harvard Health

In the lockdown, most people are also working from home, but even after finishing the work, they do not sleep till late night and get late in the morning. Some measures are given below to avoid this problem.

The problem of not falling asleep is due to the disease of insomnia. This disease especially troubles those people who take a lot of stress and think about anything with great worry. Due to this, his sleeping hormones get disturbed and he is unable to sleep till late at night. However, to avoid the problem of falling asleep late at night, below are some tips, following which you can sleep on time at night.

Make time table

First of all, make a time table of your work, at what time you have to finish your work and lie down to sleep. This time table will be about completing all the tasks from the time you wake up in the morning till you go to sleep at night. By doing this you will remember how long you have to be free and lie down to sleep. Due to adopting such a habit for a few days, you will automatically start falling asleep at that time.

Do not use mobile till late night
The problem with many people is that they are glued to the phone till late at night. One reason for this can also be that he is playing a game on the phone or watching a movie / web series. This is also a major reason for not sleeping till late at night. So try to put the mobile on time and lie down to sleep. Now if you want to run mobile till late night, then try to do so on weekends. It will neither affect your work nor will your sleep remain incomplete.

Listen to light music
Listening to light music means that there are many entertainment platforms available for music that calms your mind and can also prove to be very helpful for getting sleep at night. You can also download and save such music on your mobile phone and listen to the volume level very low when you lie down to sleep at night. Due to this, many people fall asleep early.

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