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You all use the internet every day. But do you know what is dark web or dark net – If not, then today we will know the information of dark web in this article.

Today’s world is becoming digital and we use internet for almost every information. Let us tell you that we use only about 4% of the Internet, that is, only 4% of Internet users use the web. Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine can cover only 4% of the internet. The other 96% of the web is not known to the common people. This 96% web part is called dark web or dark net. It is popularly believed that under this, hacking, online drug transactions and many other types of illegal activities takes place. Dark web includes many big countries, one of which is India. If you want to know about what is dark web and how does dark web work, then you have to read this post completely.

  1. What is Dark Web

2. What is Darknet Market

3. How does Dark Web works

What is Dark Web?

Dark web or dark net is a part of the Internet that is not indexed in any search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
That is, the dark web is a part of the Internet in which all illegal activities are usually done. According to researchers, only 4% of the Internet is visible in the search engine, it is called Surface web which- means that the remaining 96% of the Internet is called dark web or dark net. For your information, let us tell you that there are such websites in the dark web that are not made visible to the general public because the details of their IP-address are deliberately hidden. Such websites can only be accessed through certain browsers Like TOR browser, etc. Dark web is very popular for black market and illegal user protection, so we can consider it as both Positive and Negative marketing.

What is Darknet Market?

There are industries that operate in the dark web. These industries are called darknet markets. All these industries have Child Trafficking information, Defense secrets, Government Secrets ,etc. With the help of dark web, you can buy credit card number as well. In the dark web, transactions of stolen money, stolen details , hacker accounts, software hacking, computer systems and others take place through a secure medium.

How dark web works?

The working method of dark web is very different, that is, you cannot access dark net website as any other user friendly website like youtube.com and so. It cannot be accessed from normal browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
You have to use a browser like TOR to access such website. Only through such a browser you can access a website in the dark web. The domain names of websites are available in the same dark web and are quite different such as .onion which are used only in dark web.

Accessing the dark web is not that easy either. You can access the dark web by logging in, but you have to follow some rules to enter it. Let us discuss this topic.

#1– To access the dark web, you need a Private Secure VPN. Which keeps securing your Identity from others.
Because the site available in the darknet is not safe, there are many hackers in it.
That is why to secure your data in the dark web, you have to use Secure VPN Service.

#2– To access the dark web, you have to download the TOR web browser. So that you can log in to it. And let us tell you that you must always download the TOR web browser from the official website because you will find many duplicate TOR web browsers on the internet.

#3– If you enter the dark web you have to close all the apps and programs. So that you can easily crawl in it.
You can use GRAM Search Engine to search the website present in the dark web. Just like the way you use Google Chrome to search Google.

In short

Dark web means a web in which illegal works are done. Well now we don’t need to tell about it again.
But let us tell you that accessing the dark web in a browser can be dangerous as it contains many viruses and hackers that can hack your system and steal your information. To access the dark web, you have to follow the things given above.

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