What is ransomware attack? How to avoid ?

In this article we covered What is Ransomware Attack? Ransomware Attack gave complete information about it. Along with this, some such tips have also been given by which you can avoid such malware attack.

What is ransomware attack?

Ransomware Attack is a cyber attack in which a malicious software (software containing a virus file) enters someone’s computer through the web or internet. That virus file locks that entire system.

This type of computer virus is so dangerous that you cannot retrieve your necessary data again in any way. Also, hackers who create viruses and spread on the Internet ask for a lot of money to unlock the system.

This Ransomware virus locks every single drive of the computer and it does not work until you (Ransom) i.e. pay the ransom money. The computer which gets hit by Ransomware always keeps getting messages in front of that computer in which the option of payment to unlock keeps appearing.

Ransomware attacks have been seen the most in Russia, but now it is slowly spreading all over the world. This is a very big problem, when a small mistake occurs, from the computers of big companies to the computers of government offices also engulfs itself. This has also made it very difficult for the big banks.

Ransomware Attack in Mobile.

Earlier, Ransomware attacks used to be in the computer’s OS, but now as the era of smartphones is happening, it is now attacking in mobile phones too. There are some important ways and means to avoid ransomware attack which you have to keep in mind because there is no guarantee that when your PC also gets ransomware attack and you lose all your data or you will have to pay a heavy ransom for it.

Ransomware Attack 2017 Ransomware

Ransomware attacks occurred in many computers of the world every year, but the world’s largest ransomware attack took place on May 12, 2017. In this 2017 ransom ware attack, the data of more than 50,000 computers around the world was stolen and ransom was demanded by locking the computer.

In this, the United Kingdom’s healthcare sector was attacked the most, due to which crores were wasted. This attack is believed to have happened on Microsoft’s computers in 99+ countries. Out of this, 100-150 computer ransom var attacks took place in India too.

Ransomware Malware Attack Prevention Tips.

Below we have given some important ways with the help of it you can protect your computer and business from Ransomware malware attack

  1. Keep a backup of your data
    The first thing that you have to remember is to keep backing up your data as much as possible. Keep all your important documents safe in cloud storage and external storage device. To keep an online backup, it would be best to use features like Google Drive, One Drive.
  1. Change Anti-spam Settings
    Most Ransomware malwares are sent via email in .exe, .vbs, or .scr files. As soon as a user opens that file, his computer gets hacked. Remember, change the Antispam setting of your Antivirus and setup many types of file extensions to send spam. This will prevent virus and spam emails from reaching your inbox.
  1. Do not open useless files in email
    Do not download or open any unknown file online on your email or any website. There is also a risk of Ransomware Virus in it. Also, never click on the links given in the emails which contain information related to banking and business which seem a bit spammy in appearance. Read carefully before clicking on anything or send that mail to spam if you find it spam.
  1. Keep Updating Your Computer’s Important Software’s
    Always keep updating some important software’s on your computer. Keep these below software’s on auto-update –
    Operating System
    Web Browsers

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  1. Turn off the computer Switch Off The Computer
    If you feel that some things are getting hacked with your computer or some unknown error messages are coming, then disconnect the Internet service of your computer and also turn off the computer. This will save your important information from being hacked to some extent. Keep one thing in mind, sometimes there are some ransomware malware attacks that once entered your OS, infect the entire computer even after turning off the Internet.
  1. Keep VSSAdmin.exe disabled
    VSSAdmin.exe is such a feature in the computer of Windows that makes a copy of your files every day and saves them in the system (Shadow Volume Copies) even if you are working in that file or even delete it. Through Restore files, any user can also find his deleted files again. Hackers know everything about this VSSAdmin.exe file, so they make their virus in such a way that they first delete your Shadow Volume Copies. With this, you are not able to retrieve the copy of the hacked data again in any way.
  1. Always keep your Windows Firewall turned on so that it works properly.
    The job of Firewall in every computer is to check the traffic going on and on the Internet. This filters out malicious software and the firewall does not allow them to run. It also confirms which network is trusted and which is untrusted.
  1. Install some better Security Software’s in your system which can read .zip, .rar files as well
    Today almost all major OS like Windows and Mac have their own security software’s like Windows Defender and Mac Security. This service is able to easily scan the virus inside the zip folder to a great extent.
  1. Keep Windows Script Host disabled
    Many hackers send viruses to computers through crypto-ransomware families.
  1. Always Turn Off Pop-ups to Protect Ransomware Virus Attack Through Your Web Browser
    By going to the settings of your computer and smartphone’s web browser, keep the pop-up option on the block.
  1. Always keep the file sharing system disabled.
    Keep the File Sharing System disabled too so that no file can be transferred from one place to another without the permission of the Admin.
  1. Block Unknown IP Address on Your Network
    Block any unknown IP address on your WiFi or Telecom network so that anything hacky is new.

Hope you got this article from What is Ransomware Attack? How to avoid Complete information about Ransomware Attack Meaning would have been found. Also, you must have liked the tips to avoid it. How did you like the article, do tell through the comment.

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