What is Surface Web?

Surface Web is the most used part of the Internet, which can be accessed by any users anywhere at any time. For this, no specific permission is required .

In simple words, Surface Web is the part that we get information when we search in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. But let me tell you that this is only 4% of all the information available on the Internet as Deep web covers the rest 96% of the internet.

Surface web is also know as Visible web. It can be also called as opposite of Deep Web which is not indexed to common users. It is the most used all over the world, but there is one thing in Surface Web, that is, we can write, read and see the same thing that the owner of that website wants to show us, meaning it can be accessed only by staying within the Surface web limit. This surface web is a public internet, so Google or any search engine keeps it clean and hides it if any objectionable material is found in it as Google works within the purview of the law.

You have understood this and let me give you an information that if a page opens blank on searching something in Google, then it may be that those information has been removed from the surface web by requesting from Google.

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